Exela 8000

Exela engine oil with multi-grade quality has got the agents of , anti-rust, anti-foam, anti-abrasion and detergents with high viscosity index. This engine oil is for internal combustion engines Reciprocating type of gasoline and diesel oil equivalent, which requires SF / CC appropriate. This type of oil is used to lubricate diesel engines, passenger cars and Trucks that work in normal situation and super-charged diesel engines that are working under average conditions this is also suitable even in temperatures higher than 35

  •  National Standard: 4783
  •  accordance with international standards MIL L 46152 B
  •  Product Color: Green
  •  protect engine components due to add the appropriate
  •  friend of environment

  Suitable for use in:

  •  gasoline and diesel engines, light and semi-heavy
  •  fixed diesel engine
  •  four-stroke engine