One of the tasks of economic groups is their supportive role of the community and popular and influential figures. In this regard, Mahtab Motor Gorgan Company, with the support of athletics in Golestan province, has been praised and thanked by the President of the National Athletics Federation. The Asian Games and a plaque of appreciation were presented by Mr. Majid Kayhani to the CEO of the company, Mr. Hamid Damghani.One of the tasks of economic groups is their supportive role of the community and popular and influential figures. In this regard, Mahtab Motor Gorgan Company, with the support of athletics in Golestan province, has been praised and thanked by the President of the National Athletics Federation. The Asian Games and a plaque of appreciation were presented by Mr. Majid Kayhani to the CEO of the company, Mr. Hamid Damghani.

The training of the new method of Balanced Scorecard (BSC) was held with the presence of the top five industrial units of the province’s private sector and five groups from the public sector from 10/8/95 to 10/8/89 by the Iranian Industrial Renovation Company, which is a five-member expert team. Mahtab Motor Gorgan won the first place in this close competition.

This model, which was presented for the first time in Iran, is a new tool for explaining our strategy maker, which, by coordinating activities at different levels of the organization, makes it possible to achieve organizational goals.

In this training course, after explaining the concepts by Professor Yoshikawa from Japan, the teams first implemented the BSC model on a hypothetical company and then on their real organization to identify existing challenges to the unit’s progress and take action to address it.

Mahtab Motor Gorgan Company participated in the 13th meeting of the International Council for Trade Cooperation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Caspian Sea.

This exhibition was held from 2 to 5 June this year in Golestan province of Gorgan city.

Mr. Hamid Damghani, CEO of Mahtab Motor Gorgan, has been in close contact with buyers and visitors, and the company has used the suggestions of visitors and buyers to improve its export potential.

In the first conference of the worthy brand of Iran, which was held last week in the conference center of the Radio and Television of Iran, Mahtab Motor Company of Gorgan with the brand “Powerful” was introduced and appreciated as one of the top brands of this conference.

Hamid Damghani, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, at a press conference held on this occasion; While congratulating the people of Golestan province and the activists of the production and industry sector, he said: “We consider the successes to be the pride of Golestan province and we are happy that we have been able to be selected as the best brand in the country as the representative of this province.”

Damghani also mentioned the acquisition of several titles such as the country’s industrial sample unit, the province’s export sample unit, and the standard sample unit this year, and continued: Studies, administration, factory, marketing, distribution, etc., are not achieved with the cooperation and support of provincial officials. »

In response to a question about export problems, he explained: “Increasing energy prices will increase the cost of production, and this will directly affect exports and competitiveness.” We expect the authorities to think seriously about this so that we can continue to play a role in exports. “Reducing the energy prices of manufacturing and exporting factories, as well as setting a special export exchange rate, could solve some of our problems and those of our exporting partners.”

Damghani also explained in response to a question about the company’s environmental activities: “Mahtab Motor Gorgan, due to its inherent nature in recycling, collects used oils (so-called black oil or burnt oil) from the province. “It has been able to reduce a significant amount of environmental pollution.”

Commenting on the performance of Mahtab Motor Company and what happened last year in the Gulf of Mexico, the Golestani manufacturer added: It costs $ 3 billion. Comparing the amount of polluting black oil in the Gulf of Mexico and the amount of burnt oil collected by Mahtab Motor during its operation from the province, shows that we have been able to save nearly $ 330 million and at the same time a major environmental event. Prevent in Golestan province. For this reason, we expect the public sector to help us in this regard, in accordance with the 2006 resolution of the Islamic Consultative Assembly on the protection of recycled factories. “

It is worth mentioning that Mahtab Motor Gorgan was established in 1996 and its first phase was put into operation in 2001. It has been exported since 2003 and currently exports its products to 12 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe. Industrial Sample Unit 82,83,86,88 – Sample Unit Exporter 84,88 – Standard Sample Unit 83,86,88 – Winner of the International Quality Award of the Century Europe in 2008, and National Sample Unit in Industry This year is another honor of this Georgian manufacturer.

Mahtab Motor Company, the first non-smoking factory in Bandar-e-Gaz city, was introduced in the presence of the head of the health center, officials and experts of environmental and professional health, the manager and employees of Mahtab Motor factory in Bandar-e-Gaz industrial town.

Dr. Nezam-ud-Din Kashiri, head of the Bandar-e-Gaz Health Center, called the introduction of cigarettes and hookahs a gateway to addiction and stressed the need to reduce tobacco abuse in society.

Dr. Kashiri stated that smoking in addition to the consumer will cause a lot of damage to those around him, adding that smoking and damaging the body is also a problem legally.

The head of Bandar-e-Gaz Health Center expressed satisfaction with the existence of a tobacco-free factory in Bandar-e-Gaz and added that we should try to institutionalize the culture of non-smoking in the society by expanding centers without tobacco, such as parks without tobacco, university without tobacco, etc. do .

In the end, Dr. Kashiri expressed his hope that by reducing the consumption of tobacco and narcotics, and by increasing employment and domestic production, we will see the country’s self-sufficiency.

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

And in the hope that one day our environment will be free of pollution.

Preliminary studies by scientists show that the entry of one liter of oil into the water pollutes about 300,000 liters of water, and subsequent research suggests that if one gallon of oil burned in the water is released, one million gallons of clean water will be the source of water for 50 people a year. It contaminates cultivated (burned) oils to the soil and reduces its fertility and disrupts the life of soil organisms. If we want to eliminate the harmful environmental effects of oil in nature, at least 20 It will take a year for the oil released into the water to block sunlight from entering the aquatic ecosystem, disrupting the photosynthesis process at the water surface and slowing down the transfer of oxygen, causing irreversible changes in the aquatic ecosystem. Creates and destroys a large number of plants and animals in the infected area

The oil refining industry has helped to preserve the environment. In Germany, about 80% of the oil produced is recycled from crude oil and marketed. In the United States and Germany, very serious measures have been taken to collect burnt oil and aid. They pay a lot of money to the second collection and treatment units. (Environmental Organization – Municipalities) directly by giving part of the costs of collecting and transferring burnt oils to factories and the government by creating a very attractive tariff in reducing costs. Water, electricity, fuel and personnel insurance services and employee welfare provide significant assistance to the industry.

The processed oil released into the environment and along the rivers and streams precipitates and prevents the growth and development of plants and aquatic organisms. Burning burnt or used oil causes air pollution and harms human and animal health in Iran since 35 Last year, engine oil refining began, so the collection of burnt oil from repair shops and oil changers was done.

Let’s take a look at the Gulf of Mexico and see how much oil has been released into the sea. How much pollution has been lost? To control the oil spill, it has cost 112 kilometers in 209 kilometers, and according to some estimates, about 148 million liters of oil may have leaked in the Gulf of Mexico so far, and according to scientists, the wildlife of these areas is also in serious danger. These areas are vital for the birth of marine mammals such as dolphins.

Now he has gone to Iran, Golestan province and Bandar-e-Gaz industrial town, and has entered Mahtab Motor Company with a powerful brand. And Siddiq walked the peaks of Saud not to change but for a new and wonderful change. Mahtab Motor, by collecting used (burned) oils from agricultural lands and the surface of rural roads and repair shops, as well as changing the oils, gave the environment to their province. And the neighboring provinces reached industrialized sample units in 1982-83-84, and in 1983 and 1987 the standard sample units were recognized as exporters’ sample units in 1984, and in 2008 they received the European Century Quality International Award in Switzerland. Finally, in the year that has been named as the year of double effort and double work, on 12/04/89 in Tehran, in the conference hall of the leaders, he was honored to receive a plaque of appreciation and a statue of the country’s industrial sample unit from the honorable President Dr. Honorable Minister of Industry. In just the last three years and four months (86-87-88-89), Mahtab Motor has been able to collect and refine sixteen million liters of oil (burnt oil) and prevent the contamination of sixteen billion cubic meters. If water is taken from the rivers of the region, if the scale is taken, this amount is equal to the amount of used (burnt) oil. It is 11% of the pollution that occurs in the Gulf of Mexico, and if such an accident occurs in the province, the government must pay. To pay $ 341 million for the cost of cleaning it, it should be noted that in Golestan province alone, about 380 million cubic meters of water is regulated and operated annually by the province’s dams, and the province’s irrigation network is from 20,000 to 46,000 hectares After the Islamic Revolution, the water reserves of dams in Mazandaran province have increased by about 37 million cubic meters and the amount of irrigated land is approximately 29,000 hectares.

Finally, in Gilan province, Sefidrood dam with a volume of 1112 million cubic meters for irrigation 189823 hectares of paddy lands of Gilan and Fumanat plains and Sagalaksar dam with a volume of one million liters of cumulative total water in the dams of the above three provinces 154 million cubic meters and amount of irrigable land 264 thousand hectares can be considered that Mahtab Motor Company of Gorgan has been able to carry out a friendly nature process for 10 years from the pollution of three waters during the mentioned period.

Prevent the province and also prevent the erosion of fertile soils in the northern provinces and endanger the aquatic life of the region.

Protecting and protecting the environment is provided if every human being with nature and its benefits, aware of environmental problems, considers coping with it as a permanent human duty and commitment, but of course the thoughts and ideas of the creators of this unit are nothing but The preservation of the divine blessings is not entrusted to us.

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Set from R&D unit

Public Relations of Mahtab Motor Company of Gorgan

Commemoration of Men’s Health Week in Mahtab Motor Company of Gorgan

March 22 to March 28 is called Men’s Health Week in 1993. In this regard, Mahtab Motor Gorgan Company held a training course entitled (Safety; the key to achieving a community without accidents) at the factory.

On the occasion of the National Export Day and simultaneously with the Golestan Province Export Capabilities Exhibition, which was held from 08/13/89 to 08/16/89 at the permanent location of Golestan Province International Exhibitions, Mahtab Motor Gorgan Company was introduced as an export sample unit and The valuable statue of the sample exporters was presented to Mr. Hamid Damghani, Chairman of the Board and CEO of the company by the Governor of Golestan Province.

During the ceremony and among the provincial and national officials as well as the exporters, Mr. Damghani, as the top exporter of the province, gave a speech on the problems and obstacles on the way of exporters and offered solutions to eliminate these obstacles.

Mahtab Motor Gorgan Company was present at the 24th International Exhibition of Refining and Petrochemical Gas Oil on 11 to 14 May 1398 at the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibition in Hall 7, Booth 808.

In a ceremony held on Wednesday evening, February 11, 2010 at the International Conference Center of the Radio and Television of Iran, the statue of the worthy national brand was awarded to Mahtab Motor Company of Gorgan. Melli is awarded to units that, with efficient management practices, in addition to increasing productivity and creativity, offer their products to customers with the highest quality.