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Gear OIL GL3



Gear OIL                                                    GL3





Portavan industrial gear oil usually uses in heavy industrial gears which need specifics like oil stability , thermal , oxide and protection of gears against rust and corrosion and also water separation capability and of course foaming prevention ability in order to lubrication.

  •  National Standard2974
  •  accordance with international standards (US SteeL 224) and (DIN 51517 PART)
  •  Product ColorGold
  •  containing stable additives against heatabrasionimpacts and damages against the destruction of material oil and stainless washers that adding material is produced EP.
  •  resistant to high speedsudden loadhigh torque and low torque
  •  very wide temp range between 9 - to 100 degrees C.
  •  environmentally friendly due to the Potential of separation from water .


Suitable for use in:


  •  industrial gears working under difficult conditions
  •  steel transmitter system
  •  Usage that require gear oil with EP properties .
  •  Or is bearings 
  •  circulating lubrication systems, and spray



Density Flash Point °C Pour Point °C Viscosity index Viscosity cst 100°C SAE OIL
0/888 220 9- 140 30 EP140
0/890 230 9- 150 50 250