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Dateشنبه 23 اذر 1398Date

Gear OIL GL1



Gear OIL                                              GL1


The gear oil in the gears and helical spiral of the type under mild working conditions, pressure and work down scrolling speeds are used. This product is available in two SAE main grades : 90 ,140


  •  National Standard2975
  •  Product ColorGold
  •  have anti-foam additivesanti-rust, anti-oxidizing and Lowering the pour point 
  •  equivalent mineral oil without EP
  •  reduce friction gear

Suitable for use in

  • Non-automatic transmission systems according to their manufacturers recommend



Density Flash Point °C Pour Point °C Viscosity index Viscosity cst 100°C SAE OIL
0/888 200 9- 120 18 90
0/890 210 6- 140 28 140