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Dateشنبه 23 اذر 1398Date

Portavan Turbo Charged Diesel Engine oil



Diesel Engine OIL                                           CD/SC



This engine oil is suitable for internal diesel and petrol combustion engines that require CD/SE  type of oil equivalent.This special oil also use due to lubricate high speed - high efficiency diesel super charged engines.These oils also used for power transmission systems , hydraulic systems ,material handling machineries and non-hypoid gear boxes .These  lubricants  work  perfectly in all work  conditions,  when the environment temperature is higher than 25'c . 


  •  National Standard: 3392
  •  accordance with international standards MIL L 2104 D
  •  Product Color: Gold
  •  lack of oil pressure
  •  The lowest reducing oil (oil evaporation)
  •  maintaining oil viscosity in a long time engine operation
  •  prevent the formation of deposits on engine parts
  •  prevent valve wear or Taqa is N.
  •  proper cleansing
  •  Preparation of base oil refinery to furnish incentives to license No. 3299 standard

Suitable for use in:

  •  heavy diesel vehicles and semi-heavy and super charged turbocharged
  •  Heavy construction machinery, mining, construction and agriculture
  •  High capacity fixed diesel generators
  • Marine engine oil
  •  Heavy marine engines which recommended to use CD/SC engine oil .





Density Flash Point °C Pour Point °C Viscosity index visosity cst 100°C SAE OIL
0/890 216 24- 120 20 50