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Diesel Engin OIL CF/SF


Diesel Engine OIL                                                     CF/SF


Diesel engine oil for all seasons and with unique characteristics and quality of CF and lubrication 20W50 grade is suitable for diesel engines .


  • National standard : 11 . 378
  • In accordance with international standards ( ASTM D 4485-07 ) and ( ACEA 2007 )
  • Product color : Golden
  • High-performance diesel engine oil
  • Wngine protection in all weather conditions 
  • Anti-wear and preventing corrosion of engine parts 
  • Resistant to oxidation
  • Power in the low temperature start bearing lubrication
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Four seasons
  • The ability to prevent the process of formation of sediment and sludge layer on the internal engine components.
  • Environmentally friendly
Suitable for use in : 
  • Style diesel engines and diesel vehicles where performance Tvrbvdyzly CF has been recommended by the manufacturer



Density Flash Point °C Pour Point °C Viscosity index Viscosity cst 100°C SAE OIL
0/880 228 24- 130 21/2 20W50
0/880 220 24- 124 14 10W40